• Nuclear Asset Lifecycle Information Management

    Lifecycle data integrity management for nuclear assets

Nuclear Asset Lifecycle Information Management Solution

Manage crucial nuclear plant asset information when developing asset performance, maintenance, and safety plans based on design and operational information from your physical assets. Our Nuclear Asset Lifecycle Information Management solution provides a configuration managed asset information management environment combining critical asset documents and corrective action data for you to understand any physical changes made during the life of the asset.
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  • Manage and control records

    • ​Increase efficiency by accurately managing, controlling, distributing, and archiving all types of documents and records relating to infrastructure assets and ensure delivery of accurate information to operations, maintenance, and engineering.
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  • Manage asset information model

    • Manage the asset information model throughout the infrastructure asset lifecycle. Model information consistently and accurately to improve operational efficiency, minimize business risk, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Manage nuclear configurations

    • Ensure effective nuclear configuration management. Manage change and modifications to your nuclear facility while complying with design standards and licensing commitments. 
  • Manage nuclear corrective actions

    • Manage nuclear corrective action, problem identification and resolution, observations, and self-assessments. Analyze problems and make informed decisions about corrective and preventive actions.
  • Manage nuclear documents

    • Ensure optimal document control and manage records while adhering to the guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Engineering Institute (NEI) for documentation throughout the nuclear plant lifecycle. 
  • Manage nuclear industry standards compliance

    • Ensure compliance with nuclear industry standards and maintain nuclear information models that support licensing, requirements, design basis maintenance, and cyber security.
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