• Rail Predictive Maintenance

    Improve railway network performance

Rail Predictive Maintenance Solution

Optimizing maintenance for rail assets is essential for delivering a safe, reliable, and profitable rail network. Having accurate information about your rail assets is a crucial part of a predictive maintenance decision support environment. 

Our solution combines asset condition data with environmental, financial, and design data for you to understand the state and operating condition of key rail assets to improve the overall integrity and safety of your rail network.

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  • Manage rail conditions

    • Quickly and accurately collect, view, analyze, and manage every dimension of the railway infrastructure and its conditions over time. You can manage track geometry measurements and exception data as well as longitudinal rail profile measurements and rail defects from popular rail measurement systems.
  • Monitor and analyze rail conditions

    • ​Analyze multiple measurements of linear rail assets such as track and overhead lines to determine deterioration rates. You can use a range of deterioration models to predict future conditions and forecast remaining safe asset life and dates for potential asset failure.
  • Visualize rail asset information

    • ​Visualize linear measurements such as track geometry with asset information, deterioration analytics, and other disciplines in a single, synchronized chart. Configure charts to show only the information required to support your maintenance and renewal decisions to optimize limited budgets.
OpenRail for Asset Performance
AssetWise for Asset Performance Brochure
Improve overall accessibility, quality, integrity and relevance of rail asset data.​​
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