• Routing and Permitting

    Routing and permitting for oversize and overweight vehicles

Routing and Permitting Solution

The process of providing permits for oversize-overweight vehicles can be a time consuming process for applicants and for permitting agencies. The ability for applicants to easily access relevant data, plan the best route, and pay for the permit with no agency interaction is crucial for an effective, cost-efficient system. The Routing and Permitting solution optimizes routing by providing access to current highway and road restrictions and live bridge rating information.
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  • Integrate and manage bridge load ratings

    • ​Integrate your live-load bridge ratings to quickly deliver oversize/overweight permits. Load ratings can be used to develop real-time routing options based on live-load analysis, limitations, and temporary route conditions.
  • Manage and issue oversize and overweight vehicle permits

    • Manage and issue oversize and overweight vehicle permits with an automated management system for permit issuance and an easy way to acquire oversize/overweight (OS/OW) permits online.
  • Analyze routing information

    • Perform real-time route analysis and validation on the size/weight of permit vehicles and the constraints and conditions of specified routes. A dynamic map speeds the routing process and enables you to quickly analyze your trip as you work interactively through the route selection.
Routing and permitting
SUPERLOAD Routing and Permitting
Save time and reduce costs with an automated permitting and routing system for OS/OW vehicles
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