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    BIM-based Further Design and Digital Construction of the Yaoshan-Luanchuan Section Project in the Zhengzhou-Xixia Expressway

    Luoyang, Henan, China

Project Summary

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An important part of the Zhengzhou-Xixia expressway network development in the mountainous area of China’s western Henan province, the 78.8-kilometer Yaoshan-Luanchuan roadway section is a bidirectional, four-lane highway consisting of 92 bridges, four interchanges, two interoperability hubs, and two long tunnels. The RMB 10.5 billion project presented numerous site and complex terrain challenges. Henan Provincial Communications Planning & Design Institute (HPCDI) is responsible for delivering preliminary designs and construction drawings, applying a full lifecycle BIM methodology throughout design, construction, operations, and maintenance.


The project team used Bentley’s BIM and reality modeling applications for design optimization, model creation, and construction simulation. Leveraging MicroStation, OpenRoads, OpenBridge Modeler, and Power Civil facilitated rapid and accurate parametric 3D modeling and established a component library with automated features for integrated modeling and design of the civil infrastructure. HPCDI imported the models into LumenRT to produce 3D animations and interactive videos for visualization deliverables. Bentley’s integrated technology streamlined workflows, enhancing collaboration among the multiple project disciplines. 


HPCDI worked in an open, connected data environment (CDE) and combining BIM processes, GIS, and IoT to optimize information sharing and data potential. This integration improved management efficiencies to save RMB 500,000 in costs. Using Bentley applications to establish the road, bridge, and tunnel models increased modeling efficiencies by 50%, reducing resource costs by RMB 200,000. Implementing 3D BIM processes for drawing production and digital construction management eliminated 1,350 construction drawing errors to achieve 98% design optimization, minimizing on-site construction modifications to boost efficiencies by 10%. Leveraging MicroStation and PowerCivil to establish a Chinese parametric component library improved efficiencies for bridge modeling by 40%. Using OpenBridge Modeler increased tunnel modeling efficiency by 30%.


Integrating Descartes to establish the digital terrain model provided a realistic 3D environment that matched the actual landscape. The interoperability and automated features of Bentley’s BIM applications allowed the team to import and streamline tunnel cross-section drawings and rapidly generate tunnel models. The ability to extract accurate material quantities directly from the models saved seven days generating bills of quantity.

Project Playbook: Descartes, LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenBridge Modeler, OpenRoads, PowerCivil, ProStructures

  • Bentley’s integrated civil modeling and analysis applications improved modeling efficiencies by 50% and progress management by 10%.
  • The realistic visualization capabilities of Bentley’s applications helped constructors quickly understand design intent, enhance productivity, and reduce communication costs.
  • Using the 3D digital information model to perform construction simulation saved approximately 25 resource days compared to traditional management methods.
  • The new expressway will improve the traffic environment and promote cultural and economic development in the Henan region.
  • “Adopting the GIS and BIM processes project flow management platform helped save nearly RMB 500,000 in management costs and improved the efficiency of site construction and coordination.”

    Wei Wang Chairman of Client Company Henan Provincial Communications Planning & Design Institute Co., Ltd.