• BPG Designs

    Mobile Mapping Application Integration

    Phoenix, Arizona

Project Summary

Managing Mapping Services with Cumbersome Software

BPG Designs is a turnkey design and construction company that specializes in utility and communication services. Their mapping group provides a variety of services to clients, including survey, mobile mapping, LiDAR, unmanned aerial vehicle dataset processing, and custom GIS solutions. As a result, they used a growing variety of software packages that were not compatible with one another, which eventually became difficult to manage. BPG Designs wanted to integrate these systems and break down data silos, but they soon found the process difficult.

Integrating Applications and Improving Quality

BPG Designs’ mapping group discovered that Orbit 3DM applications are compatible with the other applications that they used, which allowed them to replace software that was not stable. Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction became their preferred application for LiDAR feature extraction. The application accepted and processed LiDAR data from multiple mobile systems and processing packages without any problems. They exported extracted data from 3DM Feature Extraction in a variety of different formats, which was useful for moving information into other applications and maintaining their existing workflow. With Orbit 3DM Publisher, they improved the quality of their presentations to end users within the GIS web applications they were comfortable using.

Extracting Features in Real Time

BPG Designs produced even more value from Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction when they integrated the software with a Microsoft SQL Server database and Esri ArcMap. The database combined information from Feature Extraction and ArcMap, allowing them to carry out feature extraction in real time. They can now extract features with real-time statistics of features extracted per minute or a calculated average of distances extracted over time. Orbit 3DM applications have become a cornerstone of the mapping group, as they integrate their processes without requiring them to alter how they work.

Project Playbook: Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction, Orbit 3DM Publisher


  • BPG Designs’ mapping group had been using a growing variety of applications that were not compatible with each other and were becoming difficult to manage.
  • Orbit 3DM applications allowed them to integrate mapping data without having to alter their workflows.
  • With Orbit 3DM Publisher, they improved the quality of their presentations to end users within the GIS web applications they were comfortable using.
  • By combining a SQL database with Orbit 3DM Feature Expansion and Esri ArcMap, BPG Designs can now carry out feature extraction in real time.
  • Orbit Feature Extraction has now gone from ‘just an extraction software’ to the highly integrated backbone of our department. Orbit did not drive, or change, our workflow. Instead, it nestled itself right into all aspects of it, and in some places that we did not even anticipate. Orbit even managed to integrate aspects of our work that we could not have done without it.”

    Nikolas Smilovsky Mapping Department Manager BPG Designs