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Project Summary


The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) manages land use on the small island nation to create as many development opportunities as possible. However, with aboveground and below ground buildings and infrastructure growing and overlapping, 2D maps can no longer convey accurate GIS information for the nation. GPS Lands Singapore approached SLA with a solution that would create the Singapore Digital Twin platform, which gathers 3D geospatial data for the island into a single platform. To be successful, the system needs a high level of detail to fully replicate the actual terrain and infrastructure, and traditional 3D topology is not sufficient.


To develop Singapore Digital Twin, mapping teams used aircraft with laser-scanning capabilities to capture digital terrain and surface data. Vehicle-mounted laser scans supplemented the aerial imagery with street-level data to greatly improve map detail. GPS Lands Singapore then assisted to combine all data sets into a single platform, allowing users to view and verify the information.


Singapore Digital Twin now displays all parts of the nation in highly detailed 3D representations. In addition to showing buildings and terrain, Singapore Digital Twin accurately displays small features like trees, lamp posts, and manholes. The mapping team used these details to verify existing GIS data without having to perform additional data collection. The full map is now exported and shared with various government agencies to help with asset management and decision-making, including detailed tree and green space management.


GPS Lands Singapore imported all point cloud data and panoramic images into its Singapore Digital Twin platform using Orbit 3DM Content Manager. The application allowed the mapping team to verify large-scale data sets to detect and resolve any mismatched data. Orbit 3DM Content Manager also helped the team better manage datasets by grouping them separately when needed. Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction enables the mapping team to create reports and share information with government stakeholders. Data from the 3D map can be integrated into existing 2D GIS data as needed. The finished map uses Orbit 3DM Cloud to publish mapping data for entities across the country.

Project Playbook: Orbit Content Manager, Orbit Feature Extraction, Orbit Cloud

  • The Singapore Digital Twin project created a 3D representation of the island nation of Singapore.
  • Mapping teams integrated huge amounts of aerial and street-level imagery within Orbit 3DM Content Manager, which then helped detect and resolve any mismatched data.
  • Detailed imagery within Orbit applications can show details as small as lamp posts and manholes, which the mapping team used to verify existing GIS data.
  • The full map is now exported and shared with various government agencies to help with asset management and decision-making.
  • Orbit’s ease of use and its interaction of high-quality datasets have opened up many possibilities for government stakeholders to efficiently manage features and assets of interest.

    Johnson Ang Project Manager GPS Lands Singapore