• 3DDraughting

    LPG Import and Storage Terminal

    Saldanha Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Project Summary

The scope of 3DDraughting’s project for Sunrise Energy included the design of the LPG Import and Storage Terminal, located in the port of Saldanha Bay, South Africa. 3DDraughting was responsible for modeling the entire facility in 3D using Bentley tools, including architectural and civil, electrical and instrumentation, mechanical, and structural steel. This model was used to support operations and construction decision making and facilitate a significant amount of offsite fabrication to compress the project schedule. Engineering challenges included the highly sequential execution requirements of the project across these teams.

ProjectWise provided a single source of truth for all project information and a way to link information directly to the 3D model. 3DDraughting chose Bentley’s 3D modeling applications, including OpenPlant, AutoPIPE, RAM, STAAD and ProSteel to optimize the design and installation processes. Using 3D modeling would also provide more accurate bills of materials, which would improve procurement and fabrication contract management.

Accurate design and off-site parallel fabrication of piping systems minimized installation time. The result was a three-month reduction in schedule and an overall net present value improvement of over USD 3.5 million. OpenPlant Isometric Manager and the electronic transfer of data saved 30 to 40% on isometric drawing generation, and the exchange of data between the modeling and design applications reduced the project man-hours by 20 to 25%.

AutoPIPE, MicroStation, Bentley OpenPlant, ProjectWise, ProSteel, RAM, and STAAD.Pro improved the overall layout, stress checking of critical systems, operability, accessibility, safety in design, ergonomics, and maintainability. The project team use Bentley Navigator and Navigator Mobile to provide ongoing feedback and design input. 

  • 3D designs optimized processes and prevented common mistakes often made in LPG facilities design, which are often overlooked using traditional design methods.
  • The automation of the 3D modeling to construction details pushed the total project man-hour saving to approximately 25 to 30% for the mechanical design portion.
User Quote:
  • "From a financing and equity process perspective, bankers have generally had a very poor visual appreciation of projects. Our experience is that a plant designed in full 3D provides financiers and investors more confidence in the project and lowers their risk adversity."

    Barthlo Harmse Managing Director Sunrise Energy
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