• City of Eindhoven

    3D City and IFC Integrated

    City of Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Project Summary

The city of Eindhoven wanted to streamline their processes in order to operate in a more efficient and inexpensive manner. To do this, Eindhoven designed an intelligent BIM model that would help project developers and architects to plan, share, and archive new building and improvement projects. The ecosystem connected with the city would have a single, hybrid environment to harness more intelligent data to operate as a “smart city.” In a smart city, people can make faster, better decisions based on real integrated data and analysis.

To achieve these goals, the city needed to collect quality data from partners and customers, manage the lifecycle of this data, and create a single, integrated BIM model of the city. This model had to integrate data from Revit, point clouds terrain models, and subsurface sewerage and utility data in 3D.

The city of Eindhoven successfully integrated all of these data sources to create an interactive 3D city model. Using this model, management expects new projects such as buildings and infrastructure to be planned and shared with citizens and stakeholders more effectively. This will minimize objections to changes and investments, reduce the need for costly work-arounds, lower tax requirements for citizens, and allow city government to improve the quality of life for everyone.

The City leveraged its investments in MicroStation, ProjectWise, Bentley Navigator, Bentley Descartes to integrate all types of city data. Using Bentley software they were able to integrate 3D city data, point clouds of terrain, IFC data from Revit, into one 3D model. 

  • Bentley software helped the City of Eindhoven achieve its goal of integrating diverse data into one interactive 3D model of the city.
  • The government can use this model to support better decision making, project planning, and execution and ultimately achieve its goal of creating a “smart city.”
  • Potential new building and infrastructure projects can be visualized in 3D to citizens and stakeholders to secure approvals faster and minimize objections that can lead to costly project changes.
User Quote:
  • “Bentley has been a good partner in helping us execute on our new smart city strategy. Their software helped us create a 3D data lifecycle for all objects and assets in the City.”

    Ad Steenbakkers City of Eindhoven