• Eastman Chemical Company

    Journey to a New Global Information-sharing Platform

    Kingsport, Tennessee, United States

Project Summary

Eastman Chemical Company is a Fortune 300 company with more than USD 9 billion in annual revenues, 14,000 employees, and more than 40 manufacturing sites. A growing need for better information security, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance costs mandated a new information management solution that could replace a legacy in-house system but retain Eastman’s proven records management process, integrate SharePoint environments, and utilize internal security policies.

Eastman is evolving to data-centric design processes, and is now using ProjectWise to store 3D models, plant model databases, and numerous forms of supplier documentation. Eastman’s ongoing journey toward fully integrating all of this information will rely on the company’s customized ProjectWise platform to continue to increase collaboration, standardization, and process efficiencies for users around the world.

ProjectWise met Eastman’s functional requirements while introducing significant productivity improvements. The daily use of the system will result in savings in excess of the cost of implementation due to work efficiency improvements realized by all users, IT infrastructure upgrades, and reduced support demands. This project also included rigorous testing, user training, system migration, and enterprise-wide implementation.

Bentley tailored ProjectWise to meet Eastman’s needs, including integration with the company’s Record Drawing Change Process (RDCP) software and internal SharePoint environments, as well as utilization of internal information security policies. Today ProjectWise is an integral piece of Eastman’s global engineering information solution, providing a common system for sharing information across all sites and contractors that accepts numerous file types and supports interoperability across many platforms.
  • Eastman's goal was to find an engineering information system that could grow with the company, deliver added value, contain lifecycle costs, and meet all of its functional requirements.
  • ProjectWise standard access control functionality met many of the security requirements; permission granting at the individual drawing level; and integration with Eastman’s active directory global address list.
  • ProjectWise will be used for projects ranging from small management of change to multimillion dollar worldwide capital projects.
User Quote:
  • "Eastman needed a company with a strong customer focus and a collaborative mindset to help us innovate how we handle engineering information. Bentley delivered a solution that combined innovative technologies with the one-of-a-kind functionality of our previous in-house engineering information management system and has improved our ability to collaborate across our growing global footprint."

    Jan Shumate Director, Plant Engineering-Worldwide Engineering and Construction Eastman Chemical Company