• GEA Equipamientos e Soluções

    Evaporador de concentrado de levadura

    São Paulo, Brazil

Project Summary

    • Yeast Concentrate Evaporator


The key objective of this project in São Paulo, Brazil, was to develop and install a new, innovative process to economically evaporate creamed yeast previously considered waste from a sugar mill and recover it for resale to animal feed and nutrition markets. The GEA Equipamientos e Soluções team’s design needed to be efficient, flexible, and affordable to construct and required the use compact equipment to minimize the physical space on a client's premises.


GEA Equipamientos e Soluções used MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, and OpenPlant to anticipate and resolve any possible interferences and review safety issues, thereby reducing risks. Using Bentley applications, the project team developed a customized, reusable catalog of components for the industrial plant, which facilitated and shortened design time. Moreover, the catalog allows for direct integration between material purchasing and the design, streamlining the procurement process and avoiding costly expenses resulting from errors.  


Bentley software optimized project delivery and allowed the team to reduce equipment production and assembly, which resulted in improved safety and reduced risks. Project construction times were cut by approximately 20 percent enabling GEA Equipamientos e Soluções to efficiently pre-assemble equipment. The optimized production process will enable the plant to recycle and convert approximately 28 tons of yeast for animal feed. Yeast that was previously disposed of as natural waste now not only provides a new revenue stream, but also benefits the surrounding environment.


OpenPlant enabled faster extraction of isometric projections, cutting project delivery time by 10 percent, and reducing construction time for the pasteurization plant by 20 percent. The project team used i-models throughout the project lifecycle in design and review sessions to assess the viability of the new plant, and to reduce project delivery time. The flexibility of Bentley software enabled GEA Equipamientos e Soluções to deliver an innovative plant that’s efficient, flexible, and affordable to construct and operate.

  • Using MicroStation, Navigator, and OpenPlant, GEA Equipamientos e Soluções developed and installed an innovative evaporator as a part of its drying system, doubling the production of dried yeast.
  • Bentley software was used to better anticipate possible interferences and risks with greater safety and to avoid unnecessary project costs, which reduced overall project delivery time by 10 percent.
  • OpenPlant enabled faster extraction of isometric projections, reducing construction time by 20 percent.
  • “Bentley has been a partner of our company for many years, providing solutions and experience that help us exceed our objectives. The assistance and trust we receive as part of this partnership are fundamental to the success of our projects.”

    Leite Avelino Piping Designer GEA Equipamientos e Soluções