Project Summary

The AUD 52 billion Chevron Gorgon liquefied natural gas project in Australia is one of the largest and most challenging engineering projects in the world today. It involves the construction of a three-train liquefied natural gas plant and is the largest single resource development in Australian history. Its location, Barrow Island, is a protected Class-A nature reserve that creates significant environmental and logistical challenges. The planning department had to accurately define every detail of the project at least 18 weeks ahead of construction to simply ship materials.

To meet this enormous challenge, the Gorgon team used Bentley’s ConstructSim software to automate lean construction Last Planner and WorkFace Planning best practices and drive the construction for all disciplines on this giga-project. This enabled the team to reduce the time needed to create crew level work packages by 90%, reduce crew idle time, rework and out of sequence work; and substantially improve field productivity and safety.  

Using ConstructSim as a WorkFace Planning solution and Last Planner automation tool for all disciplines has resulted in a quantum leap forward in construction planning, sequencing, execution, and progressing. As a result, this massive project is expected to achieve all safety, financial, and environmental goals. Users can create and edit work packages quickly and easily, have near real time visibility into project status, and ensure all constraints on work packages, which have saved millions of dollars in planning efforts alone.

ConstructSim is being used to automate WorkFace Planning and aggregate 3D CAD models, isometrics, steel fabrication drawings, materials management, scheduling, project controls and more to create a unique virtual construction model. It’s also being used to create efficient work packages and perform constraint analyses to ensure they are executable. During construction, the software updates the virtual construction model with the latest project status for unprecedented visual project insights and proactive project management.
  • WorkFace Planning efforts have reduced the time to create work packages from 8+ hours to 1-2 hours, as well as substantially improved control, visibility and predictability.
  • ConstructSim has reduced the amount of time it takes to create crew level work packages by 90%, reduced crew idle time, rework and out of sequence work, and yielded substantial improvements field productivity and safety.
  • Several million dollars have been saved in planning efforts alone.
User Quote:
  • “ConstructSim has become the glue on the project and enabled us to achieve a substantial return on investment on the planning effort alone, not to mention the improved collaboration with the field to deliver them truly executable work.”

    Abel Vera Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon