• Oregon Department of Transportation

    Transportation Information Gateway Collaboration

    Salem, Oregon, United States

Project Summary

Like other U.S. Departments of Transportation (DOTs), the Oregon DOT must regularly publish highway and asset data in the form of federal, state, and agency reports, data layers, and extracts. This project implemented a core transportation asset management system consisting of Exor Network Manager, Exor Asset Manager, and Exor Spatial Manager. The goal was to develop a new approach to aggregating and analyzing transportation asset data.

The Exor Transportation Intelligence Gateway (TIG) enabled the Oregon DOT to assemble data from the sources needed to quickly produce the annual Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) extract for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), among other state and federal reports. Oregon DOT has also deployed this tool to move data from its Exor system to its GIS applications, intelligent transportation systems, and data consumers across the agency.

Prior to implementing the Exor TIG, the yearly production of the HPMS extract required significant and expensive resources, including months of effort from programmers, data analysts, and managers. The Exor TIG reduced the production costs and time required while increasing the quality, accuracy, and flexibility of the resulting extract. The tool has vastly improved Oregon DOT’s ability to leverage corporate asset data and prepare to meet MAP-21 requirements.

Bentley’s novel approach provided an easy-to-use interface for assembling and analyzing data, then producing the extract. The Exor TIG is expected to help establish a single source for corporate highway data. This transportation asset management system is a business intelligence tool that can be used for DOT, state, and federal reporting and analytics.
  • Prior to Exor TIG, producing the HPMS extract took more than three months. Afterwards, it took less than one month — representing a 66% increase in efficiency.
  • The shift from data assembly to data analysis put Oregon DOT back in the business of transportation asset management.
  • Exor TIG removed the need for custom code in the production of DOT reports, which reduced associated costs for changing and maintaining code.