• Urals Energy Engineering Center

    Modernization of the Design of the District Heating System at Verkhny Tagil State District Power Station

    Verkhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk, Russia

Project Summary


A major supplier of electricity to 4.3 million inhabitants in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region, the Verkhny Tagil power station was in need of a technical overhaul to help cut emissions and reduce production waste.  Urals Energy Engineering Center (UEEC) was retained for this RUB 3 billion project to modernize the design and layout of the district heating system. To address the plant’s unique generating capacities, using gas and coal as its primary fuel with oil reserved as backup fuel, efficiently respond to changes in customer specifications, and handle the voluminous, complex documentation, UEEC needed a controlled design environment to implement this large-scale project.


UEEC transferred information from a 3D model created by specialists and used it as a reference to develop Verkhny Tagil’s district heating system design in Promis.e. With Promis.e, UEEC was able to automatically import spreadsheets from the model without losing data, work on project documents simultaneously, and make rapid adjustments to complex drawings and schematics. Working in an automated, collaborative design environment enhanced information mobility allowing the team full control over all sections of the electrical system documentation.


Promis.e helped to streamline the development and future use of the electrical design and increased productivity by 35 to 50 percent. Using the built-in Promis.e tool to import spreadsheets saved UEEC 40 percent in transmittal time transferring information from the 3D model. The workflow automation features in Promis.e accelerated project delivery by 20 to 30 percent and eliminated human errors, reducing risk of discrepancies in schematics to zero. Upon implementation, the newly developed district heating system will enable more efficient use of Russia’s natural gas reserves.


UEEC used Promis.e to generate more than 300 electrical diagrams and drawings of varying complexity in a record three months, while maintaining high quality of the documentation and receiving no customer complaints. The automatic receipt of the cable list and linking of the cable plan to geo-coordinates within Promis.e enabled quick and efficient installation of electrical devices and reduced project costs by 10 to 15 percent. The Promis.e Error Checking feature allowed the engineers to control about 30 types of project errors increasing the speed and quality of documentation by 60 percent. Working in the Promis.e environment enhanced collaboration and information mobility optimizing project implementation.

  • With Bentley’s accurate electrical system design software, UEEC delivered designs to upgrade the 11-unit Verkhny Tagil power station, providing uninterrupted heat supply during the harsh Ural winters to 4.3 million inhabitants in the largest region of Russia’s Ural Federal District.
  • The automated features in Promis.e facilitated collaboration and information mobility among the team working on complex voluminous documents to accelerate production and project delivery with zero schematic discrepancies.
  • Working in the Promis.e environment provided engineers full control over all sections of the project documentation enabling quick and accurate responses to customer changes, improving UEEC’s deadlines by 20 to 30 percent and reducing costs by 10 to 15 percent.
  • Upon implementation, this RUB 3 billion boiler reconstruction project will enable more efficient use of Russia’s available natural gas reserves, cutting emissions and reducing production waste.
  • “Using the latest computer-aided design from Bentley Systems accelerates the attainment of goals and improves the quality of projects.”

    Igor Mishchenko Head of CAD Urals Energy Engineering Center