• Utah Transit Authority

    Transit Asset Management

    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Project Summary

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) worked with Bentley to enhance and expand UTA’s transit asset management solution to achieve a State of Good Repair and comply with the Federal Transit Administration requirements under Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21).

AssetWise (formerly called InspectTech) was customized to support a comprehensive approach, including inventory, inspection, maintenance, deterioration, condition rating, and risk. AssetWise became the solution for effectively reporting on metrics as well as identifying inputs and outputs required to meet UTA’s defined asset management goals.

The UTA’s Transit Asset Management solution now provides a method for developing an accurate asset inventory, mobility needed to accommodate field inspections, and tools to triage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. The solution allows asset data to be tracked, stored, and used to forecast deterioration and predict future maintenance. By developing risk-based asset management, UTA reduced costs, mitigated disruption of service, avoided potential loss of ridership, and experienced higher customer satisfaction.

The ultimate goal of UTA’s and Bentley’s efforts was to develop a solution that would add value to the transit industry as a whole. The InspectTech modules provided improved capabilities for asset inventory, field inspection, and both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Advanced features allow tracking and storage of asset data, risk-based management and forecasting of future needs, and accurate prediction of maintenance needs and budget.
  • The Bentley solution provided the necessary tools for implementing MAP-21 standards.
  • InspectTech promoted the concept of proactive maintenance within the UTA organization.
  • Usage of the transit asset management solution paid direct dividends in retaining and increasing ridership for the long-term.