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    Extend Project Communication Through Secure Web Browser

Project Data Web Access

ProjectWise Web is a cloud service that increases the speed of collaboration between internal project participants and external supply chain members through a secure web client. Now, you can quickly extend project communication, ease technical constraints, and increase efficiency across your project lifecycle. It’s easier than ever to get the information that you need, when you need it, and participate in your projects from anywhere.

Deliver instant access to reliable engineering information to enhance workflows and business processes that are critical to meeting project deadlines. Users can review, mark up, and share files in real time, reducing communication errors and speeding design reviews. ProjectWise’s connected data environment keeps the latest information at your fingertips for improved productivity and progress. Additionally, ProjectWise Web users can:

  • Create new files and folders
  • View file properties and edit attributes
  • Advance document workflows
  • Review and mark up PDFs
  • Create issues on PDFs for action
  • Export audit trail information
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    • Accédez au contenu de ProjectWise en toute sécurité

      • Les participants internes et externes, notamment les examinateurs et les approbateurs BIM, les responsables des achats et les contrôleurs de documents, bénéficient d'une sécurité optimale lorsqu'ils accèdent au contenu de ProjectWise Design Integration via un navigateur Web sécurisé.
    • Mark up files and advance document workflows

      • BIM reviewers, approvers, and project contributors can quickly access ProjectWise Design Integration content, search for information, edit or mark up files, and advance document workflows to keep projects moving forward.
    • Work directly in Office 365 environments

      • Office 365 integration extends project content to more users and lets you efficiently find, review, share, and edit files by using familiar business applications.
    • Review and Mark Up PDFs

      • Users can launch, mark up, create issues, and collaborate on PDF files from a web browser, facilitating faster reviews and enhancing design workflows throughout the project lifecycle.
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    Provide secure, read-only access to engineering information for users, such as field engineers, mechanics, or bidders, via web browser.

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