• OpenUtilities Design Optioneering (Powered by Siemens’ PSS®SINCAL)

    Streamline Distribution Network Design and Planning

Cost-based Decision Support for Electric Utilities

OpenUtilities Design Optioneering empowers utility network designers and planners to better collaborate and ensure network models are cost-effective, reliable, and smart. Utility network planners, designers, and GIS experts need close collaboration to guarantee network resilience and reliability.  Engineers analyze many system scenarios to optimize network performance, mitigate operating issues, and provide design reviews for complex network designs. Optimizing equipment size and estimating costs is critical for both designers and planners to create complex networks based on thorough infrastructure analysis. OpenUtilities Design Optioneering optimizes equipment sizing and cost, analyzes designs for feasibility with existing infrastructure, and plans system upgrades with cost information in mind so you can make more economical decisions. The solution enhances OpenUtilities Analysis capabilities with cost-based decision support for planning and designing multifaceted utility networks including the integration of distributed energy resources (DER). The application provides the ability to analyze both planned and existing infrastructure, optimize equipment sizing, and estimate current materials and labor costs for projects with integrated DER. 

Using OpenUtilities Design Optioneering, electric utilities can:

  • Accelerate planning and design with engineering-precision capabilities.
  • Refine plans and designs quickly with on-the-fly cost estimation.
  • Avoid project delays using fast workflows with integrated work management.
  • Eliminate time-consuming cycles in your enterprise work management system (WMS) by ensuring plans and designs are submitted within budget the first time.
  • Build in resilience in response to the global energy transition to grid edge solutions.
    • Cost and Analysis in One Interface
    • Interconnection Request
    • Planning Workflow
  • Perform cost analysis in one interface

    • Get real-time cost feedback on each design decision through dynamic cost estimates. Create detailed cost breakdowns of labor, materials, and equipment at each work location and for the entire design. Compare alternatives to find the least cost-compliant alternative.
  • Perform cost-based DER interconnection scenarios

    • Further assess whether interconnection applications that fail the initial screening can be safely interconnected using the hosting capacity analysis module to automate calculation functions, such as load flow, short circuit analysis, protection checks with network adoptions, and voltage fluctuations due to DER coming online and offline. Trace network performance analysis and show results.
  • Collaborate with fast planning workflows

    • Avoid project delays with an embedded and configurable workflow engine. Create, assign, manage, and approve work requests and work orders in stand-alone mode or through a two-way standard message-based connection to your WMS. Define dashboards and reports to help managers track project status and progress.
How Digitalization can Enable Optimized Design Solutions and Seamless Integration of DER

Learn how you can leverage value from existing Bentley, Esri or Smallworld GIS systems for optimized analysis and design solutions.

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