• Ausenco

    Constancia Project

    Chamaca and Livitaca, Chumbivilcas, Peru

Project Summary

Hudbay Peru SAC engaged Ausenco to provide engineering, procurement, construction, and management services for the USD 1.75 billion Constancia Project. Located 4,100 meters above sea level in a remote location in the Andes, the project presented unique engineering and construction challenges that required collaboration across teams in Australia, Canada, and Peru to align existing systems, expertise, and processes and ensure the successful delivery of the project.

Using ProjectWise and AutoPLANT, Ausenco brought these disparate teams together, reducing errors and increasing the data integrity throughout the lifecycle of the project. The more efficient work processes Ausenco implemented on the Constancia Project have now been extended to all subsequent projects. With ProjectWise tracking changes on all drawings as well as the linking to other systems, Ausenco was also easily able to obtain and manage documents for regulatory and compliance requirements.

Through ProjectWise and the shared AutoPLANT database, minimal time was spent on checking drawings and models and transferring data, enabling Ausenco engineers to spend more time focusing on other important deliverables of the project such as optimization. ProjectWise eliminated the majority of the risk associated with working across various offices and enabled Ausenco to establish consistent engineering standards across their teams.

The use of ProjectWise and AutoPLANT on the Constancia Project significantly reduced the project delivery timeframe. Without ProjectWise and the shared AutoPLANT database, the logistics of sharing drawings and models across time zones and multiple locations with strict revision control would have been extremely time consuming and could have potentially impacted Ausenco’s ability to get the project completed on time and within budget.
  • Ausenco implemented more efficient work processes not only on this project, but also for all subsequent projects.
  • Significant time was saved checking drawings and models, on data transfer, and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Engineering standards were established across offices reducing the project delivery timeframe.
User Quotes:
  • “Setting up ProjectWise for the project enabled Ausenco to utilize the core competency of our strategically located offices to workshare the engineering and design of the project in real time, allowing Ausenco to produce 3D models and associated database accurately and efficiently.”

    Anuj Anand Lead Design Systems Engineer Ausenco
  • “Since successfully using ProjectWise and AutoPLANT on the Constancia project we have managed to use the Lima office to share work on other projects as well.”

    Michael Snare Design System Principal Lima, Ausenco