• Barwon Region Water Corporation

    Optimizing System Yield and Operational Cost Using Hydrology and Hydraulics Modeling

    Colac Shire, Victoria, Australia

Project Summary

Because of growing water demand, Barwon Water’s needed to augment its water supply system to the City of Colac and did so using their Water Supply Demand Strategy. It determined that accessing supply from the Wurdee Boluc Channel via a pumped system was the best option. The required pipe augmentation would be very complex. In addition, the solution had to prevent water restrictions 95% of the time, provide adequate water in a drought with restrictions in place, and meet other requirements.

Barwon Water used Bentley’s WaterGEMS along with eWater Source to optimize both the yield of the pipe system design and the design and operating rules used in the hydrological and hydraulic models. The software allowed them to take into account key constraints, such as hydraulic and system uncertainties, demand, rainfall, and climate. WaterGEMS was used to optimize the operational strategy, while eWater Source was used to calculate the long-term system yield.

Using Bentley software to optimize the pipe design, Barwon maximized return on investment and saved time and money. The project was originally estimated to cost AUD 25 million, but with the new route and optimize pumping strategy, the project is now estimated to cost AUD 22 million. Operational costs for pumps were reduced by AUD 20,000 annually and the pumps will generate fewer greenhouse gases.

WaterGEMS and eWater Source were used in parallel to find the best solution. eWater Source, which  analyzes water resource allocations and system yields, was used to maximize the yield and identify the timing of the proposed augmentation. WaterGEMS was then used to optimize the pipe size and pump curve combination. Several tools in WaterGEMS were used to find the best target, including the Scenario Energy Cost, Combination Pump Curve, and Energy Management tools.
  • Using WaterGEMS and eWater Source, Barwon Water was able to optimize the pipe augmentation to meet complex requirements and achieve an estimated capital savings of AUD 3 million over the original plan.
  • Operational costs for pumps were reduced by AUD 20,000 annually and the pumps will also generate fewer greenhouse gases.