• Enogex LLC

    Implementation of AutoPLANT and ProjectWise

    Western Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States

Project Summary

Providing natural gas gathering and transmission pipeline operations in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle, Enogex needed to construct compressor stations more quickly and less costly to stay competitive. To ensure successful operations, Enogex realized it had to standardize construction design packages and reduce cycle time for its USD 10 million gas gathering compressor stations. While these design changes were in progress, Enogex experienced rapid company growth that made it necessary to improve document control and access for more efficient project delivery.

Enogex began standardization efforts in 2009. Integrating Bentley solutions, Enogex optimized design strategy and enhanced project execution. Using Bentley AutoPLANT, the drafting team developed a multilevel model structure that enabled several users to access and modify files simultaneously, reducing cycle time and resulting in a robust, scalable, standardized design package. To improve project delivery, Enogex used ProjectWise to implement file permissions, project tracking, and document history.

Leveraging AutoPLANT, Enogex reduced labor hours for its compressor stations from 1,450 man-hours in 2009, to 220 man-hours in 2012. Integrating ProjectWise in 2010 shortened project request to delivery turnaround time from 16.4 workdays in 2010, to 11.65 workdays in 2012. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley solutions has enabled Enogex to maintain an average workload of 42 project requests a month while improving on-time delivery by seven percent, continuing to be more efficient while still focusing on a high level of accuracy.

Enogex used AutoPLANT to create a fully intelligent 3D model with reports to aid in the design, bidding, and construction process of its compressor stations. Integrating AutoPLANT with ProjectWise added value in document control, workflow, and project tracking, allowing access to coherent, timely, and accurate project information. Using Bentley software dramatically increased production of construction and maintenance drawings and number of documents, while enhancing accuracy. Enogex uses AutoPLANT and ProjectWise not only to design and bid-out the construction of its compressor stations, but also to manage the maintenance lifecycle of the facilities.

  • Using Bentley software increased accuracy of models and projects, allowing Enogex to move from time-and-materials bidding to a not-to-exceed method of contract bidding, improving overall competitiveness.
  • Implementing and integrating AutoPLANT and ProjectWise enabled Enogex to improve project turnaround time by 25%.
  • Enogex used Bentley solutions to standardize construction drawing packages for its USD 10 million gas gathering compressor stations, reducing billable hours for design and drafting by 85%.
  • Bentley’s AutoPLANT and ProjectWise enabled Enogex to dramatically increase productivity in both the creation 
of construction and maintenance drawings, and also to produce more accurate drawings and a greater number of documents.”

    Kevin Fust Enogex Drafting Supervisor Enogex LLC