• ESB Ingenieros Consultores Ltda.

    Pullami Industrial Packing Plant

    Coihueco, Chile

Project Summary


The USD 2 billion project required ESB Ingenieros Consultores (ESB) to design the structural elements of an industrial building in Coihueco, Chile, which will accommodate separate areas for processing blueberries and nuts, a cold storage area, cellars, offices, and a canteen. Given the wide range of building loads, including lateral wind and seismic loading in two directions, the 4-meter cantilevered canopy, the various types of structural materials, and the different CAD software being used among the team, ESB needed a versatile application to analyze and design the elements of the plant.


ESB used RAM Elements for 3D modeling, load input, and data output to design the foundations and metal elements. Bentley’s versatile, user-friendly software allowed ESB to calculate and design structural elements in steel, wood, concrete, and masonry in a single file. The interoperability of RAM Elements facilitated collaboration with architects and designers using other 2D and 3D CAD software.


Using RAM Elements to automate calculations and design using different materials for the structural elements saved significant hours of manual work. The quick data input and efficient 3D modeling capabilities of Bentley’s software reduced execution time and optimized the team’s workflow. The interoperability of RAM Elements facilitated collaboration and reduced operating costs.


Using RAM Elements allowed ESB to quickly analyze and accommodate the building’s wide range of loading conditions for optimal structural design. The software enhanced collaboration enabling ESB to easily share structural models with architects and designers using different applications. With the ability to automatically incorporate Chile’s regulatory standards in the design and verification of structural elements, Bentley software ensured structural integrity and building code compliance.

  • ESB used Bentley RAM Elements to optimize design and analysis of the structural elements for Pullami industrial packing plant, accommodating a wide range of loading conditions and varying structural materials.
  • Using RAM Elements, ESB reduced project delivery time and costs on this USD 2 billion project.
  • The versatility and interoperability of Bentley software facilitated collaboration among a team of designers and architects using different applications.
  • “Using versatile, intuitive RAM Elements software in this project saved us many hours of work.”

    Enrique Sepulveda Structural Engineer ESB Ingenieros Consultores