• Innovación Sistemas y Proyectos

    Cancún Federated Geospatial Information System

    Cancún, Mexico

Project Summary

As the most important tourist destination in Mexico, Cancún provides government services to a growing number of citizens and visitors. Innovación Sistemas y Proyectos (ISP) developed the Cancún Federated Geospatial Information System to modernize the municipality’s cadastral system, and allow different departments to access and update public records.

For this USD 1.2 million project, ISP implemented Bentley Map Enterprise, Bentley Map (stand-alone), ProjectWise, and MicroStation. Stage 1 updated land and building property records, created new construction records, and integrated departmental data into a single cadastral information system. Stage 2 provided ProjectWise access to the organization and standardized Property Tax Office records.

The improved approach to property and building tax assessment increased tax recollection revenue by 18 percent in just six months – providing USD 3.3 million in additional revenue for government services. By the end of the first year, the system was expected to increase recollection 66% for a total revenue increase of USD 12.2 million.

The cadastre modernization project benefited from Bentley software’s ability to easily manage maps and data through the Internet. By standardizing on the common Bentley platform, the municipality is able to assess property and building taxes in a consistent, accurate, equitable, and predictable manner. Productivity has improved as business units now work together using the federated system.
  • Stage 1 development of the integrated cadastral information system involved 2.17 million entries.
  • Stage 2 access to ProjectWise standardized the entering, recording, retrieval, reproduction, and update of property tax records.
  • The federated system allows the City to identify new properties and construction not previously recorded in the database.
  • The increase in tax revenue allows the City of Cancun to provide new and improved social and environmental services.
User Quote:
  • “Bentley’s software allowed us to provide Cancún City with the best Federated Geospatial Information System in all of Mexico, as well as to conduct an excellent interdepartmental collaboration and project management.”

    Jorge Hernández CEO Innovacion Sistemas y Proyectos