• Mississippi Department of Transportation Geotechnical Department

    gINT Implementation at Mississippi Department of Transportation

    Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Project Summary

The workflow for processing geotechnical field data in the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) geotechnical and materials departments had resulted in information being archived as Excel or PDF files with no search capabilities. Manual transfer of data between departmental reporting tools also introduced the potential for errors. The main objective of this project was to streamline the collection, processing, and storage of geotechnical data for use in boring log reports and GIS applications.

MDOT solved the problem by implementing gINT, Bentley’s geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management and reporting software. The first phase of the project involved creating a geotechnical database structure, report templates, and to import existing spreadsheets. Phase two expanded the database structure to accommodate triaxial test data and reports, and to import external lab data. The final phase will import legacy data.

The implementation of gINT at MDOT allowed the Geotechnical Division to take ownership of all geotechnical data coming from the Materials Division Lab, centralize the data in a searchable database, and take advantage of the USCS/AASHTO Classification built into gINT. Productivity gains were immediate. gINT reduced boring log production time from one hour to 15 minutes and reduced project time by 50%.

Bentley’s gINT software provides centralized data management and reporting for geotechnical subsurface projects of all types. The software automates many repetitive tasks, eliminates redundant data entry, and dramatically increases productivity. gINT allows users to streamline processes, provides accessible, interoperable data, and enhances subsurface reporting for soils, bore logs, lab tests, and more while increasing productivity and supporting better decision-making.
  • MDOT’s engineering team rethought the current processes and delivered a new way of administering geotechnical information.
  • With superior reporting capabilities, gINT replaced MDOT’s existing interactive web application for generating triaxial reports.
  • The project will allow all geotechnical information collected by MDOT to be shared with engineering disciplines and general stakeholders who decide project locations and structure designs.
  • “Bentley’s commitment to meeting our vision for customizing the gINT software allowed us to transition flawlessly to its use, with very little training, but substantial time savings for every project from here out.”

    Virgil Payne P.E., Engineer Mississippi Department of Transportation