• NJS Engineers India Pvt Ltd

    Feasibility Report and Detailed Project Report of Sewerage Works

    Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Summary


NJS Engineering India (NJS) was retained to prepare feasibility and detailed project reports for upgrading sewerage works in the city of Moradabad, India, to comply with National Ganga River Basin Authorities. This over INR 1 billion project required NJS to assess the existing facilities and redesign the sewer network to optimize the city’s inefficient drainage system, which is subject to overwhelming during monsoon season. With 24 major drains handling the flow of all stormwater and wastewater within the city limits and sandy soil strata, topography, and water logging challenges, NJS required flexible, interoperable hydraulic design and analysis software.


NJS used Bentley SewerCAD and SewerGEMS to assess existing facilities, evaluate design alternatives, and develop preliminary designs and cost estimates for priority projects. The software enabled NJS to redesign the sewer network with various options to use different piping sizes and materials, reducing the depth of laying the pipe network and addressing the soil and topography challenges. With Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software, NJS developed an online system to facilitate information mobility and integrate its team distributed over multiple locations, optimizing its review and reporting capabilities.


Reviewing the design of the underground sewerage system using SewerCAD, NJS identified two unnecessary pumping stations that could be removed, saving a few million rupees in operation and maintenance expenditures. Using Bentley software to evaluate multiple scenarios reduced man-hours by 30 percent. The team ultimately optimized overflow remediation design using SewerGEMS. Bentley’s collaborative software facilitated real-time information sharing, reducing design review sessions and accelerating project delivery.


NJS used SewerCAD and SewerGEMS to assess capacities of existing facilities, conduct detailed field investigations and manhole surveys, and evaluate design alternatives to determine framework options and planning strategies for its reports. SewerCAD was instrumental in reviewing the old trunk sewer and identifying the optimum method of rehabilitation while SewerGEMS’ modeling features contributed to a significant reduction in labor-intensive work. Bentley’s collaborative software provided a common data platform to exchange and update spatial and non-spatial engineering and modeling data among multiple users at different sites for an integrated, accurate, and cost-effective solution.

  • Using Bentley SewerCAD and SewerGEMS saved NJS millions of rupees and significant time evaluating the city of Moradabad’s inefficient sewerage system and preparing feasibility and detailed project reports for upgrading the network.
  • Bentley’s integrated hydraulic modeling software enabled NJS to compare unlimited scenarios to assess design, operational, sanitary loading, and network topology strategies, optimizing decision-making and engineering solutions.
  • Construction completion of the over INR 1 billion project will improve irrigation, environmental conditions, and overall quality of life for millions of people in India’s Moradabad City.
  • “For developing the feasibility studies and detailed project report for a complex collection system in Moradabad City, SewerGEMS has truly been a boon to us.”

    Mr. B.R. Gupta/Mr. Sanjay Guleria Project Managers NJS Engineers India