• NOVOGOR-Prikamie, LLC

    Improving the Efficiency and Quality of the Water Supply Services in Perm

    Perm, Perm Krai, Russia

Project Summary


NOVOGOR-Prikamie, a public utility operating in Russia’s Perm Province, undertook a RUB 5.1 million project to improve the energy efficiency of the water supply system for the city of Perm and ensure the reliability of the water supply for its more than 1 million residents. The water supply network comprised 1,255 kilometers of pipelines.


The project team used WaterGEMS to create a number of scenarios to determine the minimum sufficient diameters for the network lockups in order to provide the required level of reserves in the city’s water supply. The analyses considered the existing network operating regimes, as well as future loads on the system. A comparison of the simulation results quickly revealed an optimal solution in terms of cost minimization.


Adjustments were made to the power supply zone for the pumping station supplying 90 percent of the potable water to consumers. This affected facility operations, allowing NOVOGOR-Prikamie to achieve both economic and social objectives. The project reduced energy usage for water supply by nearly 4 percent. It also limited water loss by reducing the number of hidden leaks. Customers benefited from improved water quality and higher water pressure.


WaterGEMS helped to optioneer and visualize the existing and future operating regimes, enabling decision-makers to evaluate for improving the water network and facilities. Calculations factored in energy consumption, future loads, emergency operations, and back-up capacity among other factors.

  • The project reduced the water supply network by nearly 8 percent over a 2.5-year period.
  • Operating costs were further lowered by reducing the amount of regulation at the pumping station control valves by 55 percent.
  • The alignment of pressure and reduction in the “ripple effect” resulted in fewer pipeline accidents.
  • “The Bentley tools provided us with confidence in the results of calculations and simulations, as well as in the technical decisions based on our calculations.”

    Nikolai Zverev Head of the Department of Technological Development NOVOGOR-Prikamie, LLC