• Parsons Brinckerhoff and Arup JV

    Airport Link, Northern Busway (Windsor to Kedron) and Airport Roundabout Upgrade

    Brisbane, Australia

Project Summary

Arup and Parsons Brinckerhoff formed PBA JV to design Australia’s largest transportation infrastructure project – the AUD 5.6 billion Airport Link, Northern Busway (Windsor to Kedron), and Airport Roundabout Upgrade. The team carried out detailed design and construction phase services for the project, which was delivered in three stages but developed concurrently due to the tightly integrated alignments and surface connectivity.

This project comprised more than 600 design packages incorporating more than 18,000 as-built drawings. Rapid mobilization of the project necessitated fast-track deployment of ProjectWise as the electronic document management system. The system came online within three weeks of the project being awarded and ultimately managed 1.5 million documents with 4.8 terabytes of data accessed by more than 2,000 users in nearly 50 global office locations.

ProjectWise saved time and costs in locating data (23,000 hours), controlling documents (USD 1 million), updating drawings (260 weeks), and traveling (USD 3.6 million). An additional five designers would have been required for document review alone without the use of Bentley software. Based on an 18-month design program, that would equal roughly USD 1.4 million in savings.

ProjectWise and MicroStation provided a practical methodology for review, verification, and compliance of design data. Other products utilized in the project included Bentley MXROAD, InRoads, gINT, Structural Modeler, RAM Concept, and Bentley Rebar. Bentley solutions were crucial to integrating a project team that was spread across multiple locations. This allowed parallel design to be undertaken through the sharing of 3D model data and ensured quality control through tight version management.
  • By enabling parallel design, Bentley software allowed the team to meet the demanding package delivery program of 30 design packages per month.
  • Using Bentley MXROAD for roadway and tunnel alignments enabled the team to react quickly to changes driven by poor geological conditions, constructability issues, and space constraints.
  • This massive project included 25 bridges, 15 kilometers of tunnels and ramps, over 7 kilometers of new roads, and 13 kilometers of new bicycle and pathways.