• Queensland University of Technology & GHD

    FEED Solution for the Sugar Industry

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Project Summary

Sugar Research Limited (now Sugar Research Australia) invested in an AUD 250,000 front-end engineering design (FEED) project for a sugar production plant in Asia designed to process 925 tons per hour (TPH) of sugarcane and produce up to 40 TPH of refined sugar. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) partnered with GHD on the project to leverage the combination of GHD’s experience in FEED solutions, the use of Bentley products, and QUT’s sugar processing design expertise to develop a rapid and cost-effective FEED design process, within six weeks and within budget, that could be used in the sugar industry.

QUT and GHD reconfigured Bentley AXSYS.Process to support the specific requirements of FEED design for use in sugar processing plant design. Using AXSYS.Process, the team integrated a new data interface with the industry-standard SUGARS software to import data, and built industry-specific symbols and assemblies to automate the output of process flow diagrams (PFDs). Using Bentley’s interoperable, automated software, QUT and GHD implemented an efficient FEED solution for the Asia sugar plant that could be applied to future conceptual design projects in the sugar industry .

Automating processes using Bentley AXSYS.Process shortened the project delivery schedule by 54%, reducing man-hours to check final deliverables and subsequent rework to correct errors related to manual drafting, from 2000 to 900 hours. These efficiencies resulted in faster deliverables and a lower overall project cost. Considering this project required setup and configuration of a new interface environment for the sugar industry, on future projects QUD and GHD expect an over 70% reduction in hours realizing cost savings of over 50%.

Using Bentley software, QUT and GHD created new property fields to support industry-specific stream data, as well as new units of measurement and symbols to represent sugar-specific equipment types. AXSYS.Process allowed SUGARS data to be imported and used to define and automate the process deliverables. The interoperability of Bentley AXSYS.Process enabled the team to configure a new integrated interface and automate previously manual tasks to optimize FEED processes in the sugar industry.
  • With the initial AUD 250,000 investment in developing a sugar-specific, automated conceptual design environment complete, QUT and GHD expect over 70% reduction in hours for cost savings of over 50% on future industry projects.
  • The interoperability of Bentley technology enabled QUT and GHD to configure an interface integrated with industry-standard SUGARS software, and automate workflows to optimize FEED processes in the sugar industry.
  • Using Bentley AXSYS.Process to develop a FEED process for a sugar production plant reduced project schedule time by 54%, significantly lowering overall costs.
  • “The decision to use AXSYS.Process proved correct; having developed this technology for the Sugars industry now gives GHD and Queensland University of Technology a competitive advantage on future sugars projects. Removing the setup costs and systems development we expect to make future project savings of over 50% against traditional design methods.”

    Ian Johnson Engineering Systems Manager GHD