• Soyuzhimpromproekt

    Complex for Industrial Production of Methylchlorosilane

    Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Project Summary


Situated on the site of an existing synthetic rubber plant, the RUB 9.8 billion complex designed to produce methylchlorosilane will be the first of its kind in Russia. The project involved renovation of and connections to existing auxiliary systems for the provision of resources to the new complex. Because the complex was the first of its kind, Soyuzhimpromproekt was challenged to carry out the design process without the benefit of exploring the designs of similar production facilities.


Soyuzhimpromproekt developed a unified information model to facilitate design and accelerate information exchange among team members. Specialists in various disciplines were able to work efficiently together with the Bentley software providing a unified database of materials and equipment, and automated the generation of specifications and estimates. Bentley’s common design platform simplified the correlation of solutions from various parts of the project, and improved design quality and efficiency.


The ability to have engineering specialists in various fields carry out the design in parallel resulted in a 25 percent savings in design time. Time and resources spent on coordinating adjacent sections of the design were also significantly reduced with the use of Bentley technology. The team used a single information model to minimize conflicts and eliminate errors during materials selection. In addition, the electronic exchange of information reduced the costs of producing documentation by 50 percent.


Soyuzhimpromproekt used several Bentley products throughout the project including AutoPLANT, Bentley Navigator, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, OpenPlant, Promis.e, ProStructures, and ProjectWise. ProjectWise enabled the secure exchange of information, so that any member of the project could see the most current information at any time. Version control was automatic, eliminating concerns about using an outdated version of a document.
  • The production process was organized to minimize the amount of raw material to be supplied, as well as the amount of waste products to be disposed of or recycled.
  • The new complex will significantly reduce Russia’s dependence on imports of methylchlorosilane, which is a raw material for silicon products used in aerospace, aviation, machinery, electronics, and other industries.
  • The project modernized the existing synthetic rubber plant, and provided more than 700 jobs as well as adding tax revenue for Kazan.
  • The secure, electronic exchange of information enabled by ProjectWise helped the team to reduce the costs of producing documentation by 50 percent.
  • “Bentley software allows the organization of parallel teamwork on a project by practically any number of specialists in various fields.”

    Sergei Krashakov Head of Design Team Soyuzhimpromproekt