• Suncor Energy (Edmonton Refinery)

    Information Plant

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Project Summary

Suncor Energy (Suncor) designed and implemented a CAN$ 12 million Information Plant (IP) at its Edmonton refinery that integrated the facility’s technical data, engineering resource planning information, and documents into one reliable system, improving and supporting daily operations, maintenance, projects, and business decisions.

At the core of the project was establishing a central reliability index of all documents and tagged assets. By cross-referencing the assets and the information associated with them, the Information Plant could support critical business processes including change management and project turnover. The central index facilitates search and retrieval of technical information across all platforms. Deployed progressively, the Information Plant now serves as the integrated system for the ongoing operations and project work at the Edmonton Refinery.

The efficiencies offered by the Information Plant saved the Edmonton Refinery CAN$ 5.7 million within its first year of implementation. Thereafter, Suncor estimated a savings of CAN$ 1.6 million annually, realizing total ROI within 5 years of implementation. Having unlimited access to accurate project and operational information reduced time required by users to find and view information, thereby reducing overall safety risks. Information quality and reliability improved with the ability to continuously monitor information. Consistent and integrated tools, processes, and information provide a more user-friendly experience.

Use of Bentley’s software enabled Suncor to create a successful Information Plant. The system includes Bentley Data Quality Server (now AssetWise ALIM) as a standards-based technical data warehouse that supports automation and total lifecycle asset information; ProjectWise to manage project and operations documents, data, models, and drawings in their native file format; and AutoPLANT for both 3D modeling and 2D deliverables. Engineers and designers also use Bentley Navigator to view and interact with 3D models and to perform clash detection.
  • The Information Plant increased users’ speed and efficiency in finding and viewing information, saving time and money while reducing costs.
  • Using Bentley software saved Suncor time and money in the design, development and implementation of the Information Plant.
  • Since the development and implementation of the IP, the Edmonton Refinery reduced safety risks and improved information quality and accuracy.
  • Suncor’s Information Plant provided the Edmonton Refinery an integrated asset lifecycle information management system that improved the facility’s operations, maintenance and business decisions.
  • The Information Plant saved CAN$ 12 million, the total cost of the project, in less than six years.