• Wood & Grieve Engineers

    Waters Edge Residences

    Meadowbank, New South Wales, Australia

Project Summary


Known as Waters Edge, the luxury waterfront development, comprising one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, is located on the foreshore of Meadowbank, New South Wales, and addresses the community’s demand for upmarket residences. To convey a sense of space and serenity, the structure features a radial building configuration, sophisticated façade, and grand foyer. Wood & Grieve Engineers (WGE) required integrated engineering software to accommodate these unique architectural aspects and thoroughly investigate and analyze the structural integrity of the building design. 


WGE used RAM Structural System and RAM Concept to perform load take downs and explore slab design options given the non-uniform column arrangements necessary for the radial nature of the building.  Integrating Bentley’s structural analysis and design software enhanced collaboration among the engineering team, providing a means of building on one another’s work to optimize modeling and evaluation efforts. The interoperability of Bentley software allowed WGE to thoroughly investigate and ensure the structural integrity of the luxury apartments.


The interoperability of RAM Structural System and RAM Concept was instrumental in reducing project costs. Bentley’s integrated software facilitated efficient collaboration, maximized productivity, and saved WGE significant time developing engineering analysis models. Using Bentley RAM software capable of evaluating code provisions and producing accurate models optimized structural design, ensured compliance, and minimized overall risk.   


Using RAM Structural System, WGE easily accommodated changes in the preliminary analysis phase of the project. RAM Concept allowed the floor design to be imported into RAM Structural System to minimize repeat modeling. The ability to reuse information between software applications saved significant costs. WGE relied on the flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software to facilitate collaboration and efficiently evaluate and optimize structural design of the luxury waterfront apartment development.

  • WGE used Bentley’s integrated engineering software to optimize structural design of Waters Edge, a luxury boutique residence overlooking the Meadowbank waterfront near Sydney central business district.
  • The interoperability of RAM Structural System with RAM Concept allowed WGE to easily accommodate changes and minimize repeat modeling of the floor design for the unique radial building plan.
  • Using Bentley’s integrated software improved productivity, saved significant time, and reduced overall project costs.
  • The capability of Bentley RAM software to enforce design standards minimized risk and ensured compliance with governing building codes.
  • “We rely on RAM Structural System for building projects big and small, and we are standardizing our entire organization to use Bentley’s RAM Structural System suite.”

    Paul Moore Structural and Civil Engineer Wood & Grieve Engineers