• Zhengzhou Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry Co., Ltd.

    Qinghai Mining Coal-based Polygeneration Project Coal Preparation Plant Works

    Ulan County, Qinghai, China

Project Summary


Qinghai Mining Group retained Zhengzhou Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry (Zhengzhou) to design a CNY 1 billion EPC coal preparation plant and corresponding unloading, storage, and transporting facilities and equipment within an industrial park in Qinghai, China. The project had a limited construction cycle of 24 months and involved complex coal processes that required linking various functional areas of the plant, making the general plant layout a priority. To meet these challenges and coordinate among more than 10 design disciplines, Zhengzhou needed integrated, collaborative modeling and analysis software for an efficient design approach.


Zhengzhou used a collaborative BIM methodology using ProjectWise as its common platform, along with a host of Bentley software, including MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, OpenPlant, and Bentley Raceway and Cable Management. Using Bentley’s integrated structural modeling and plant design software within a shared project management system facilitated design coordination and allowed the owners to visualize different plans from various angles, compare data, analyze simulations, and make informed decisions. The interoperability of Bentley software optimized design efficiency in this first deep-level BIM project in China’s coal industry.   


Using Bentley BIM methodologies to model and analyze the plant structures and equipment produced more accurate designs and precise calculation of material quantities, which reduced design changes by 30 percent and materials consumption by 10 percent. Working in a collaborative 3D environment using ProjectWise as the common platform streamlined coordination among the multiple design disciplines. This reduced resource hours by 15 percent and shortened design cycle time. Bentley’s integrated and interoperable software saved about 5 percent in project delivery costs and increased design quality to provide a good foundation for construction and operation of the plant, which is expected to save 3 to 5 percent in operational costs. 


Using OpenPlant for pipe design, clash detection, equipment modeling, and plant layout enabled Zhengzhou to meet pipe specifications and optimize configuration. OpenPlant’s ability to produce accurate models and identify collisions minimized installation errors and facilitated precise materials statistics. ProjectWise provided real-time data sharing among the team, allowing each discipline to make collaborative changes within the same model to improve design quality and efficiency. The interoperability of Bentley tools enabled Zhengzhou to successfully pioneer integrated 3D modeling in the Chinese coal industry.

  • Using Bentley software, Zhengzhou pioneered a multi-discipline, collaborative 3D modeling solution in China’s coal industry for the development of a CNY 1 billion polygeneration coal preparation plant in Qinghai, reducing design changes by 30 percent and project delivery costs by about 5 percent.
  • Integrating Bentley BIM software with ProjectWise as the common platform streamlined workflow processes, enhanced collaboration, and improved design efficiency among Zhengzhou’s multi-discipline team, saving 10 percent in material purchases and reducing manual design time by 15 percent.
  • Working in a collaborative 3D modeling environment enhanced information mobility allowing Zhengzhou to present the owner with accurate visualizations and simulations to make informed decisions.
  • “Bentley 3D collaborative technique is a brand new project solution for settling the coal washing process design, and regarded as a revolution of process design philosophy of coal preparation plants, having advantages incomparable with 2D design. Using Bentley 3D collaborative design in the project will greatly improve the design quality and efficiency of the coal preparation plant, and its transverse and vertical extension will lay a firm foundation for information management within the full lifecycle for the coal preparation plant project. 3D collaborative design will powerfully drive the brand new design of coal preparation plants.”

    Hui Bing Engineer Zhengzhou Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry Co., Ltd.