• China Power Construction Corporation and Jiangxi Electric Power Design Institute

    Duxiling 220 Kilovolt Substation

    Pingxiang, Jiangxi, China

Project Summary

Owned and operated by China State Grid Corporation, the CNY 81 million Duxiling substation in Pingxiang will improve the electricity network and power supply reliability in Jiangxi province. The 220 kilovolt substation was delivered by China Power Construction Corporation together with Jiangxi Electric Power Design Institute.

The project team used Bentley’s integrated civil, structural, and electrical design solution for collaborative design, with each discipline working concurrently on the streamlined design platform. The seamless interface allowed the exchange of models across disciplines, eliminating duplicate work and inconsistencies while enabling more efficient project team communication.

In the past, substation engineering design was executed step by step. With the application of Bentley’s streamlined design platform, concurrent design work shortened the design period. Overall, the Bentley platform improved efficiency by about 30%. The digital substation model stored information that could be used by operations, maintenance, and reconstruction.

Bentley’s integrated design software for substation engineering included Bentley Substation, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, GEOPAK Site, AECOsim Building Designer, ProSteel, STAAD.Pro, Promis.e, ProjectWise, Bentley Navigator, and MicroStation. Transferring models between the integrated software products greatly improved efficiency.

  • ProjectWise provided a unified environment where multiple disciplines could collaborate to arrive at an optimal layout in less time.
  • Bentley’s integrated design software facilitated the digital transfer of the substation.
  • Using Bentley’s 3D design software for collaboration among disciplines provided accurate, intuitive, and efficient design.
  • 3D models, 2D construction drawings, and material lists were all dynamically associated with each other, so modifications were applied accordingly.