• Hanson Professional Services Inc.

    Alaska’s Northern Rail Extension: Tanana River Bridge

    Salcha, Alaska, United States

Project Summary

Hanson Professional Services is providing design engineering services for Alaska Railroad Corporation’s 129-kilometer Northern Rail Extension from North Pole to Delta Junction, Alaska. Located at a remote site in a harsh environment where temperatures vary greatly, the design for the first-phase bridge project had to account for sheet ice, ice jams, and severe flooding. MicroStation’s interoperability with AutoCAD’s DWG format was essential for the project, reducing training requirements and increasing productivity of the team.

Because of the complex nature of this project, Hanson worked with a number of consultants to provide detailed modeling and analysis of the site and bridge. The team finalized the design plans for the bridge and the associated roadway and railway approaches using MicroStation, InRoads, and Bentley RailTrack. MicroStation’s interoperability with AutoCAD files was essential in meeting the client’s requirement for AutoCAD deliverables.

Hanson relied on their trusted and proven Bentley civil solutions to increase design efficiency and saved over a month on the design schedule. Bentley’s InRoads and Rail Track are built on the MicroStation’s interoperability platform, allowing Hanson to use the best products available and meet their client’s deliverables requirements. Using ProjectWise, the project development team developed confidence in accessing and sharing project files that minimized the need for remote design team members to travel to Anchorage.

ProjectWise managed all documents, and was instrumental in helping the project team share CAD files and manage submittals, as well as collaborate on other shared project documents. Hanson Professional Services used MicroStation, InRoads, and Bentley Rail Track to complete all design work in a proven and trusted environment. MicroStation’s interoperability allowed Hanson to meet all client deliverable requirements.
  • Bentley software saved approximately USD 141,000 in training, file-conversion, and travel costs, while also enhancing productivity.
  • MicroStation’s interoperability proved to be an invaluable asset throughout the life of the project.
  • Because remote design team members did not have to travel to Alaska, Hanson Professional Services saved in travel costs.
User Quote:
  • “Bentley software and solutions enabled Hanson Professional Services to manage the Alaska Railroad Corp.’s Tanana River bridge project’s design files and proved to be an invaluable asset and time-saver to the project. Using Bentley’s products allowed Hanson’s employees to collaborate and work seamlessly on the project from seven different locations across the United States.”

    Michael A. Pochop, P.E. Vice President and Project Manager Hanson Professional Services Inc.