• Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Asia Sdn Bhd

    Construction of 3X20 MVA Al Khoudh-06 and Al Hail South-03 33/11 kV Primary Substation

    Al Khoudh and Al Hail, Muscat, Oman

Project Summary


Muscat Electricity Distribution Co. engaged Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Asia (Toshiba) to customize, integrate, design, supply, and deliver 11-kilovolt, air-insulated switchgear for the Al Khoudh and Al Hail substations, the two primary power distributors for Sultan Qaboos University, the Palace of Oman, and Qaboos University Hospital. The USD 735,515 project required Toshiba to address unique operational, interlock, and protection schemes for the switchgear system to optimize power supply reliability. To meet these complex challenges, Toshiba needed flexible and accurate electrical system design software.


Toshiba relied on MicroStation and Promis.e for the secondary schematic control circuit design consisting of 50 panels of distribution switchgear for both substations. The automation and customization functionalities of Promis.e enabled Toshiba to expedite design and production of drawings, accurately extract devices for bills of material (BOM) and issuance of purchase orders, and minimize errors to optimize and reinforce power supply reliability to the Muscat regions.


Using Promis.e Toshiba accelerated project delivery, reducing wiring rework by 30 percent and troubleshooting by 25 percent. The ability of Promis.e to generate accurate, customized BOM reduced project costs by 20 percent. Bentley’s interoperable software accommodated various file formats facilitating information mobility and enhancing collaboration with the mechanical team and the client. With Promis.e providing high-accuracy deliverables, Toshiba expects a 10 percent ROI within 18 months of the substations’ operations, and a 50 to 60 percent ROI once the solution reaches full maturity.


Developing an intelligent model capable of cross-referencing schematics using Promis.e, Toshiba reduced drawing production time by 25 percent. The batch printing function in Promis.e reduced printing time by 50 percent while the ability to automate BOM quantity takeoffs with zero error improved device purchasing efficiency, saving significant time and money. Using Bentley software enabled Toshiba to design a state of the art secondary control circuit protection scheme that will ensure continuous power supply vital to the rapid development of Oman.

  • With Bentley’s accurate electrical system design software, Toshiba delivered a holistic solution integrating its 11-kilovolt, air-insulated switchgear to reinforce power supply reliability for two Muscat substations, anticipating a 50 to 60 percent ROI upon operational maturity.
  • Using Promis.e enabled Toshiba to produce error-free schematic designs with 100 percent accuracy cross-referencing devices for BOM and purchase orders, minimizing risk and significantly reducing overall costs on this USD 735,515 project.
  • The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software facilitated information mobility and enhanced collaboration, accelerating project delivery time.
  • Expediting and optimizing the design and production of switchgear using Promis.e improves operations and ensures reliable power supply to meet the demands of the Al Khoudh and Al Hail areas.
  • “Bentley’s Promis.e is a promising solution for secondary design engineering, and with the open API, we have full control of the software to do exactly what we want to do.”

    Chang Tze Wu Assistant Design Manager Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Asia