In-Application Learning with CONNECT Advisor

There is enormous untapped potential for your Bentley software to help you become more productive and successful. CONNECT Advisor helps unlock this potential by accelerating your mastery of Bentley software as part of your everyday workflow. By providing in-application access to personalized learning content that is relevant for you, you can increase your proficiency and complete work faster and smarter.

CONNECT Advisor is now available to SELECT subscribers as an integrated service for use within every Bentley application. You now have quick and easy access to a wealth of learning content, including on-the-fly contextual help and recommendations, directly within your application. 

With CONNECT Advisor, you can search and access application-specific learning content, including thousands of on-demand and live virtual training videos, virtual learn conferences and best practice webinars, wikis, forums, YouTube videos, support, and communities content.  See the power of CONNECT Advisor in action in these six short videos.