• AEM Gestioni Srl

    District Heating GIS System

    Cremona, Italy

Project Summary

AEM Gestioni Srl wanted to replace an outdated GIS solution with a state-of-the-art solution – one that would allow them to define a district heating data model; easily edit, view, query, and analyze network assets in a graphical interface; and create a central data store to support analysis and decision making.

AEM Gestioni chose to deploy sisNET (now part of Bentley OpenUtilities), Bentley’s multi-utility GIS, which includes a configurable data modeling core and supports sophisticated data models that reflect complex business rules. Because AEM Gestioni had used Bentley software for years, they did not have to train users on a different CAD system; they could keep using MicroStation for dimensioning, raster management, printing, and publishing; and they could integrate with their Web GIS application (based on Bentley Geo Web Publisher) to minimize workflow changes.

The entire solution was deployed in just two months. For AEM Gestioni, the implementation of Bentley OpenUtilities is the basis for the future extension and replacement of their actual GIS system and setting up a comprehensive multi-utility GIS for all of AEM Gestioni services. The solution will also improve production processes when launching new services and enable them to publish data online to reduce paper and ease information access.

Using Bentley OpenUtilities, Bentley Geo Web Publisher, MicroStation, Bentley Map, and ProjectWise, AEM Gestioni achieved their goals. They implemented the district heating network in the new solution; next, they will move all networks managed (including electricity, gas, water, and wastewater) to the new solution to exploit the full value of the software. Bentley OpenUtilities makes it possible to display all commodities in a single map view so users can quickly and easily review or edit all features they select.

  • AEM Gestioni have realized huge operational efficiency improvements, as Bentley Open Utilities optimizes utility operations and management workflows by leveraging intelligent spatial and engineering information – data that helps them plan for the future development of network assets.
  • They now have seamless access to network asset data; multiple users can edit and change files simultaneously.
  • “We adopted Bentley sisNET (now Bentley OpenUtilities) as a winning solution since it allowed us to leverage all existing functionalities already implemented in our system by capitalizing on our previous investments in Bentley technology. This allowed us to seamlessly enhance our performances by creating a new approach to our network assets, without the need of further customization. Definitely a good ROI!”

    Giuseppe Azzini AEM Gestioni Srl