• CNGS Engineering

    Ice-resistant Offshore Platform LSP-1

    Caspian Sea, Russia

Project Summary

Designed for the oil field development on the northern shelf of the Caspian Sea, the LSP-1 is an ice-resistant stationary 20,000-ton platform that has a fixed rig and custom-designed steel-plate jacket. During winter, the sea surface freezes, which can damage the load bearing blocks In the spring. When the ice breaks-up into large floating masses they can destroy a stationary platform. Given its weight and the ice conditions, the platform needed a special design to protect the load bearing supports.

CNGS Engineering used Bentley software to design and analyze the platform in 3D. This allowed them to deliver the most efficient design for the piping system and platform supports avoiding crossing of pipelines and steel structures, and ensuring structural strength. The 3D model was shared across all areas of the project, from the design of the metal piping and structure to the construction organization.

Using Bentley’s 3D design and analysis software, CNGS developed a unique design concept for the ice-resistant jacket that incorporated support units to sustain the weight of the platform and prevent damaging ice loads. Using 3D technology, the project team was able to identify and eliminate mistakes, monitor corrections, and reduce the turnaround time for release of drawing revisions.

CNGS Engineering used Bentley Structural Modeler to design the steel structures, and PlantSpace Design Series to design the piping systems. All other systems were designed using MicroStation. To facilitate collaboration amongst geographically distributed team members and accelerate information sharing, the project team used ProjectWise. Metal strength analysis was verified in SACS.
  • Using ProjectWise, CNGS Engineering was able to coordinate work between offices located in different cities and complete the project efficiently.
  • Using Bentley software, CNGS successfully designed the first ice-resistant platform in less than one year.