• Keystone Engineering Inc.

    Virginia Offshore Wind Technology Advancement Project

    Virginia, United States

Project Summary

This USD 60 million project involved installation of two offshore wind turbine generators off the Virginia coast. As one of the first offshore jacket substructure wind turbine generator installations in the United States, the project will demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of offshore wind energy, particularly the savings associated with innovative foundations and substructures.

The design included the first fully coupled hydrodynamic and aerodynamic analysis for a commercial offshore wind plant in the U.S. Reliable results were achieved by pairing Bentley’s industry standard SACS software for the analysis and design of offshore fixed platforms together with DNV GL’s GH Bladed software for wind turbine design. Hydrodynamic modeling in SACS enabled the calibration of wave responses in DNV GL’s GH Bladed. This reduced risk by providing confidence in the results.

Using fully automated multiple core simulation capabilities in the SACS Wind Turbine package reduced analysis time by more than 50%, resulting in fewer man-hours billed to the client. The ability to use SACS to post-process data from DNV GL’s GH Bladed software allowed Keystone Engineering to use the analyses performed by the wind turbine generator designers (Alstom) to design foundations and support structures with no rework.

SACS Wind Turbine package was used to perform fully automated code compliance post processing, which ensured that the foundation met the relevant codes and standards.
  • By coupling the capabilities of SACS and DNV GL’s GH Bladed, Keystone Engineering set a precedent for modeling offshore wind technology in a time- and cost-effective way.
User Quote:
  • “The effort put in by the Bentley SACS team to couple their post-processing capabilities with the hydrodynamic/aerodynamic modeling capabilities of other software systems has allowed for the first truly useful coupled analysis in the offshore wind industry. This will result in significant time and cost savings for the offshore wind foundation/sub-structure engineering community.”

    Benjamin Foley P.E., General Manager - Offshore Renewables, Keystone Engineering Inc.