• MCC TianGong Group, Tianjin Corporation, Ltd.



Project Summary


MCC TianGong Group, Tianjin Corporation (MCC) was retained as the main contractor for construction of the Guangxi Beijing Expressway’s Bageng Bridge in Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang, China. The CNY 140 million project required MCC to manage the construction process amid mountainous terrain presenting complex engineering challenges. To accommodate the site constraints while ensuring timely, quality, and cost-effective construction of the bridge, MCC needed to implement an integrated BIM approach.


Using GEOPAK, MCC modeled the terrain, performed earthwork analysis, and was able to plan for construction at an early stage. To overcome the constraints of the mountainous terrain, MCC built a BridgeMaster model, and with AECOsim Building Designer, simulated construction of the bridge, as well as the use of specialized equipment needed. Using ProjectWise as the collaborative platform combined with Bentley’s flexible, interoperable BIM applications optimized construction scenarios and provided MCC with integrated solutions to manage the construction process.


Bentley software enhanced productivity, saved time and money, minimized errors, and optimized design and construction of the Bageng Bridge. Using integrated BIM technology and applications saved CNY 150,000 in construction costs and reduced construction time by 56 days. The ability to have precise control of material quantities avoided unnecessary and otherwise costly material loss. ProjectWise and i-models accelerated accurate information sharing and improved quality control to optimize the overall construction process.


MCC used GEOPAK to analyze the terrain and simulate vehicle paths, minimizing environmental impact and reducing project costs. Compared to a traditional construction scheme, using Bentley’s BIM applications to simulate the vertical lifting erection technology for the T-beam construction saved significant time and costs given the site constraints. Using ProjectWise provided a common design platform for sharing documents, data, and i-models in real time, facilitating dynamic management of the construction process. Bentley’s integrated software optimized optioneering and enabled MCC to implement innovative methods to deliver the Bageng Bridge project timely and cost-effectively.

  • MCC overcame tight terrain constraints and optimized construction scenarios to build China’s CNY 140 million Bageng Bridge using Bentley BIM software and applications, saving CNY 150,000 in costs and shortening construction time by almost two months.
  • Using GEOPAK for earthworks analysis and terrain modeling reduced environmental impact and improved construction planning.
  • Simulating construction and the use of special equipment and erection technology enabled MCC to implement innovative solutions to the challenges imposed by the mountainous terrain.
  • The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software accelerated accurate information sharing and enhanced quality control to help dynamically manage the construction process.