• Napier City Council

    GIS and Asset Management

    Napier, New Zealand

Project Summary

For this asset management system upgrade, the Napier, New Zealand, City Council consolidated its various infrastructure asset management systems to create a single authoritative data source for surveying, CAD, GIS, and asset management applications. The goal was to improve workflow and data flow between systems while maintaining data accuracy and maximizing its return on resource investment.

Bentley solutions were used to establish a common framework that enabled the City Council to more effectively manage and move data between different aspects of the asset maintenance lifecycle. Standardizing on one technology platform allowed data from various sources to be reused without being reworked. The upgraded system, known as WorkIT II, achieved the goal of improving workflow and data flow while maintaining data accuracy.

Previous asset management systems were used to manage the financial and non-financial aspects of the system assets. WorkIT II provided the required audit trail and transparency. The system is so efficient, it enabled staff to complete one year’s worth of water asset data maintenance in fewer than three weeks. Savings to date include reduced staff time and operating costs. Staff have been redeployed from mundane data entry to more strategic activities.

For city water supply services, Bentley Map has replaced the existing GIS product; Bentley Water provides tools for enforcing business rules; and an Oracle database tracks data changes. Additional functionality required for managing the financial information associated with WorkIT II features was initially developed by Bentley Professional Services staff and further customized by council staff.
  • Mapping data and information is now available to rate payers and the general public via the City Council web site.
  • The City Council’s cost savings will be channeled into more services for the community.
  • The Bentley product suite enabled a small city council to create an enterprise asset management system.
  • Integration of engineering information from the Bentley toolset with downstream business systems allowed the City Council to manage financial information and improve transparency.