• Time Warner Cable

    An Enterprise GIS Strategy for Increased Revenue and Lower Costs Using Bentley's Communications Solution

    Colorado, United States

Project Summary

As part of a strategic initiative, Time Warner Cable invested USD 100 million in the enterprise-wide deployment of Bentley’s communications solution for network design and engineering. The three-tier environment allows all engineering design work to be performed via each of six regional design centers. Before this project was undertaken, data was stored in 80 locations and on six software platforms. Each system was different and without standards, which resulted in inaccurate source data.

Each of the company’s 32 design sites hosted its own operating environment, and each site made independent decisions about its IT infrastructure. The challenge was to define the requirements for a common design platform that could be controlled by the operations support systems group and be made available on IT infrastructure that was readily accessible by each design site. TWC selected Bentley Communications V8i as the enterprise-wide solution for a GIS-based environment.

The new environment provides an accurate view of existing network assets, which allows Time Warner Cable to pinpoint outages and locate plants more quickly, thereby avoiding unnecessary truck rolls. The cost to locate network infrastructure, particularly underground, has been significantly reduced. The Bentley platform also has improved the commercial speed of design and build-out for communications services. TWC realized a first-year return on investment (ROI) of 40% and expects ROI to double after five years.

The Bentley Communications spatial platform standardized processes and practices, and centralized asset data for the nationwide communications network. A three-tier operating environment consolidated the Bentley product suite for access at the regional level. Consequently, asset data for the nationwide communications network is rolled up to a centralized GIS that acts as the system of record for the entire enterprise. This asset data is available for integration with other systems in the OSS backplane.

  • In the first-year of full-scale operation, the Bentley solution yielded a 40% ROI.
  • Third-year operation is projected to yield a 121% ROI.
  • By the fifth-year of operation, the solution is projected to double ROI.
User Quote:
  • “Bentley Communications V8i is the cornerstone of Time Warner Cable’s Geographic Information System. It has helped transform our business by saving time and resources while improving revenue and the service we deliver to our customers.”

    Lucius Brooker Geographic Information Systems Time Warner Cable