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    Building better networks faster

Plan, Engineer, Construct, and Maintain Communication Networks

Bentley OpenComms provides a comprehensive communication solution that allows you to plan, construct and maintain networks better and faster. It optimizes your workflows for planning, engineering, construction, and maintenance, under one GIS system that includes the accuracy of the CAD deliverables you’ve grown to expect. OpenComms reduces costs and time significantly with an efficient and fully integrate solution to design, document, and manage any end-to-end Coax, Fiber, and HFC network.

  • OpenComms
    OpenComms Designer
    OpenComms Designer is a GIS network engineering and communications solution that supports outside and inside plant engineers to better and faster designs and management of their communications networks.
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    Bentley Communications PowerView
    현장 작업자에게 상세한 네트워크 지도, 장비 기록 및 데이터 수집 도구를 제공하여 작업 명령서 이행 시간을 단축시키고 오류 발생을 줄입니다.