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    Simple Access to Secure Information.

Read-only Datasource Web Access

ProjectWise Web View advances your control of engineering information and accelerates communication. This cloud-based service provides secure, read-only access to information in ProjectWise Explorer. Extend the reach of reliable information across the supply chain by providing datasource level access to ProjectWise’s connected data environment. Up-to-date web browsers provide the best possible performance, limit technical restraints, and provide secure access from anywhere.

Make it possible for users who need to retrieve information—such as field engineers, mechanics, or bidders—to find information related to maintenance and specs when they need it, in an instant. Empower better informed decisions with reliable information and open visibility into data. With read-only access to ProjectWise Design Integration content, it’s easier than ever to reduce costly errors and accelerate communication between in the office and the field.

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  • Secure read-only access to engineering information

    • Read-only access to files via up-to-date web browsers provides the best possible security for your ProjectWise data.
  • Find and share data directly online

    • Transparent access to information allows internal and external users with permissions to find and view important data to perform work on site, check specifications, or obtain bidding information directly online.
  • Connect the supply chain

    • Connect the supply chain to reliable information and expand ProjectWise usage with flexibility and ease across organizational users.
  • Alleviate IT Burdens

    • Eliminate burdensome maintenance and support, as well as reduce risk by using secure, up-to-date browsers to access ProjectWise Design Integration data.
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