• AECOM India – Delhi Jal Board

    Sewerage Master Plan – 2031 for NCT of Delhi

    Delhi, India

Project Summary

The burgeoning New Delhi, India, population, coupled with slow and unorganized development in sewage infrastructure, has posed a major threat to the city’s sanitation conditions, subsequent river water quality, and public health of the inhabitants. AECOM was engaged by Delhi Jal Board to develop an integrated and sustainable master plan for 2031, along with carrying out hydraulic designs and tendering works. This USD 3.25 billion project covered an area of around 1,500 square kilometers.

AECOM used SewerGEMS to model the area, which included 10,000 kilometers of a sewerage network for unsewered areas. Performance audits were carried out for 30 existing sewage treatment plants at 17 locations. Extensive use of pre-defined queries; integration with GIS; automated load calculations, scenarios, and alternatives; and excellent representation of design and simulation outcomes enabled the study to be completed in a timely manner.

AECOM saved significant design time by using the SewerGEMS toolset. Reducing person-month inputs on the project by one seventh achieved payback within six months. Among the deliverables was a wastewater management information system for 2,200 unsewered colonies. The 2031 Sewerage Master Plan will ensure that comprehensive, technically and financially viable plans are in place to improve general sanitation conditions and enhance water quality in the Yamuna River.

With such a huge number of pipes, network model calculations could have taken months. Using SewerGEMS’ automated design engine reduced design time. SewerGEMS not only saved time but also provided the ability to work from within various software products, including ArcGIS, and AutoCAD. A central server also facilitated file sharing among offices in Hong Kong, Australia, and the United States.
  • Only about 50% of the National Capital Territory of Delhi has access to a centralized sewerage system.
  • Network model calculations with various alternatives and iterations could have taken months, but SewerGEMS cut that time by one seventh, achieving payback within six months.
  • SewerGEMS also provides the ability to run the model from within various software, including ArcGIS and AutoCAD.
  • AECOM prepared a feasible and executable master plan and carried out hydraulic designs and tendering works.
User Quote:
  • “We connected Bentley’s advanced and precise technology with AECOM’s intellectual legacy and expertise to uplift and recuperate destitute sanitation conditions in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.”

    Raman Kumar Associate Director AECOM India