• Avineon India Pvt Ltd

    Creation of 3D City Model for City of Brussels Using LiDAR Point-cloud Data

    Brussels, Belgium

Project Summary

Avineon India was tasked with creating a 3D city model of Brussels, Belgium. This INR 4.5 million project applied a combination of laser scanning and 2D mapping to model more than 260,000 buildings and 200 bridges in Geography Markup Language (GML) 1.0 standard format with Level of Detail 2 (LoD2). One of the major challenges was the integration of data from a variety of sources while maintaining their geometric, topologic, semantic, and visual properties.

The traditional approach to building a high-accuracy 3D city model is to use photogrammetry with stereo compilation. This would have consumed too much time and incurred huge costs. Instead, Avineon India used a combination of Bentley Map, MicroStation, and third-party software to successfully generate a highly accurate 3D model from LiDAR point-cloud data, orthophotos, stereo pairs, oblique images, digital terrain models, and vectorized datasets.

Bentley Map seamlessly and accurately loaded data from various sources, enabling Avineon India to further capture, process, and improve the data within the Bentley Map environment, then saved the model in CityGML format. Using Bentley Map, the project cost significantly less than the cost of traditional photogrammetric methods.

By combining 2D ortho-rectified images, stereo compilation, and LiDAR data, Avineon India created detailed models of complex rooftops and bridges with positional accuracy of 5 centimeters and vertical accuracy of 20 centimeters. MicroStation enabled the company to integrate multiple data sources and migrate high-accuracy data to a CityGML output with no loss of spatial or attribute accuracy.

  • MicroStation tools enabled Avineon India to develop LoD2 models that complied with Open Geospatial Consortium-standard CityGML format specification.
  • The city model is accurate within 5 centimeters positionally and 20 centimeters vertically.
  • The time and cost for creating 3D models in compliance to CityGML format was greatly reduced using Bentley Map.