• Helsinki City Planning Department

    Helsinki City Planning Action Plan, Project and Content Management

    Helsinki, Finland

Project Summary

Helsinki City Planning Department needed a project and document management system and proven processes to replace its manual operating practices. Project teams worked with paper documents and information in fragmented ways, transporting them by hand. Previously, software was limited to just drawing tools for the production of prints. No one had an overall picture of ongoing projects or a way to find documents quickly. And management was overly dependent on individual project managers for information.

Bentley ProjectWise was deployed as the backbone of the planning department’s new operational control system for projects, creating a solid framework for document management, efficient information sharing, and work collaboration across project teams by creating a common data environment. At the same time, the planning department established more efficient, common work practices and disseminated them across the organization.

ProjectWise now supports all project management and production processes for more than 300 projects and 1,000 sub-projects. All phases of the document lifecycle are supported by ProjectWise: document creation, modification, inspection and approval, publishing, searching and viewing, re-use, archival and deletion. Users also have controlled visibility, reporting and real-time action plans for all projects - all available online.

ProjectWise not only supports all project management and production processes, but it also creates the operational framework of the city’s future: an information model-based way of working. With centralized access to design models via ProjectWise, distributed design teams can be set up quickly, work efficiently and collaboratively on designs, and share information faster and easier than ever before.
  • The software currently supports all project management and production processes for more than 300 projects and 1,000 sub-projects.
  • ProjectWise saves the city’s planning department more than 8,000 work-days per year in manual effort, which is equal to approximately 4 million euros annually.