• Hubei Provincial Transport Planning and Design Institute

    Wuxue Yangtze River Highway Bridge

    Wuxue, Hubei, China

Project Summary


This CNY 5.8 billion project required Hubei Provincial Transporting and Planning Design Institute (HPDI) to design the Wuxue Yangtze River Highway Bridge located at the junction of China’s Hubei and Jiangxi provinces. The full bridge is 1,958 meters in length and consists of a 1,348-meter, cable-stayed section with a main span of 768 meters. To address these structural challenges combined with the complex topography, geological conditions, and construction environment, HPDI needed a flexible, integrated information modeling approach and highly accurate software.


HPDI used BridgeMaster during preliminary design to model different schemes by modifying local parameters. HPDI also used RM Bridge to complete the structural optimization of the various plans and determine a final layout that accommodated the site’s topography and specifically, the terrain of the south bank. Using Bentley bridge software, HPDI designed the main large-span section of the Wuxue Yangtze River Bridge as an asymmetric, cable-stayed bridge system with three 70-meter spans on the southern side. 


Using Bentley bridge software, the 11-member engineering team completed the preliminary design and main plotting of the bridge in just two months, when it typically takes double the team and more time to design and construct similar bridge projects on the Yangtze River. Bentley’s integrated, parametric modeling software accelerated planning and design, and produced rapid calculations facilitating quality and efficiency, saving HPDI significant time and costs.


During preliminary design, the team imported topographic maps and line data into BridgeMaster to arrange the bridge span and select the suitable type of girder in accordance with the practical terrain to establish the model of the bridge. BridgeMaster automated the generation of corresponding drawings saving rework and resources. RM Bridge allowed the team to continuously adjust the span length and cable spacing to optimize structural integrity of the model and perfect the design. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley bridge software shortened design time while saving labor costs.

  • HPDI used Bentley bridge software to design the large-span, cable-stayed Wuxue Yangtze River Highway Bridge, saving significant time and costs on this CNY 5.8 billion project.
  • BridgeMaster saved plotting time and automated production of bridge drawings, enhancing efficiency during preliminary design.
  • RM Bridge enabled HPDI to optimize structural integrity and shorten calculation time for the 1,958-meter main bridge structure.
  • Integrating Bentley software reduced engineering staff by almost 50 percent and accelerated design delivery time.
  • “With the aid of BridgeMaster, the engineers can finish about 90 percent of design tasks on conventional bridges by inputting bridge parameters, and the design task of variable cross-section continuous girders by use of the box girder module. The introduction of various kinds of software saves a lot of simple and tedious design tasks in the design process and undertakes the completion of design tasks with quality and quantity assured. Bentley’s RM computational modeling brings great convenience for bridge modeling and plan adjustment at the preliminary design stage. At the same time its advanced structural optimization can effectively shorten the calculation time.”

    Li Shengyang Hubei Provincial Transport Planning and Design Institute