• IMMCO, Inc.

    Quality Control Automation

    Denver, Colorado, United States

Project Summary

Large cable companies who are multiple system operators (MSOs) store, analyze, and retrieve massive amounts of hybrid fiber coaxial outside plant (OSP) data. The goal of this project was to automate quality control checks and procedures that maintain the accuracy and consistency of OSP data used for critical applications such as serviceability analysis, customer provisioning, inventory tracking, facility and equipment maintenance, and network planning.

IMMCO developed an automated Quality Control Toolkit that works seamlessly with Bentley Expert Designer Communications. The toolkit takes advantage of Bentley’s relational database storage model so OSP data analysis can be quickly performed against enterprise-wide databases. Analysis includes review of plant data for proper connectivity, linkages, symbology, labeling, and other functions.

The toolkit improves accuracy and data consistency, saves time, and reduces costs. A typical analysis now takes about 24 minutes instead of one week. Quality checks that could not be done with a simple visual inspection can now be performed with the toolkit. The toolkit was implemented by a leading MSO to analyze more than 250,000 kilometers of detailed plant data throughout the United States. The return on investment is expected to be tenfold.

Bentley solutions provide an unparalleled platform to create, manage, and store OSP data with accuracy and agility. IMMCO’s Quality Control Toolkit directly interfaces with Bentley Expert Designer Communications to ensure accuracy and data consistency are maintained at all times.
  • MSOs can use the toolkit to review data construction and design work provided by vendors.
  • The Quality Control Toolkit illustrates the advantages of migrating to Bentley’s relational database storage model.