• Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.

    Disaster Prevention and Risk Reduction Project

    Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Project Summary

The Regional Development Bureau for Nagano Prefecture, Japan, retained Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. for a JPY 20 million project to help prevent disasters and reduce risk in the event of a natural disaster. The goal was to develop a system to quickly understand the extent of the damage and create a rapid response base map to reduce the risk of secondary damage.

The solution was to use airborne LiDAR data to create a post-disaster topographic map within two months of the disaster, a process that takes four to six months using conventional surveying methods. Bentley Pointools and MicroStation provided the required dense point-cloud handling, manipulation, and analytic functions. This approach enabled comprehensive information collection and yielded the necessary geospatial insights for recovery and reconstruction work.

By collecting comprehensive information and providing a detailed and accurate topographic map, the project team contributed to future damage mitigation design work that would be required after a natural disaster. Compared to conventional methodologies, the approach provided precise terrain data that enhanced the return on investment. Kokusai Kogyo’s solution cost 60% less compared to conventional solutions.

Using Bentley software, the project team was able to run multiple airborne LiDAR data processing scenarios simultaneously. With hardware allocated for this intensive processing, the cost of this operation was reduced by 20%.
  • Kokusai Kogyo’s solution cost 60% less compared to conventional solutions.
  • Volumetric comparisons before and after a disaster typically take about one month, but Bentley software made it possible to calculate volumetric output within four days.
  • Bentley software met the challenge of depicting in micro-relief the surface terrain under the tree canopy.
  • Custom iPhones were used for field data entry and precise information sharing among involved parties.