• Ordnance Survey Ireland

    A New Authoritative Spatial Data Infrastructure for Ireland

    Dublin, Ireland

Project Summary

In 2011, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), Ireland’s national mapping agency, began developing a spatial data infrastructure that would provide a standardized coordinate referencing system and a digital mapping reference system to support social, economic, legislative, and administrative state functions that relied on this core data of the underlying physical infrastructure of Ireland.

Once the rule definition set was in place, it was possible to re-engineer and populate the data remotely from an outsourced resource based in India. OSi developed a digital referencing framework that is consistent and integrates national data related to location. The new spatial data referencing platform is an object-oriented, digital mapping data model that enables geographic objects such as utilities, land parcels, roads, and buildings to be uniquely identified and referenced. Known as Prime2 the framework allows GIS data users to accurately integrate and use multiple data sources for improved analysis and decision-making, resource optimization, and efficiency gains.

The efficiencies introduced by the Prime2 spatial data referencing platform have already saved OSi more than EUR 600,000 in operating costs. OSi projects a three-year return on investment based on production efficiencies and resource savings. As new products and services become available, the agency will also anticipate future business growth. Ireland’s geospatial information industry contributed more than EUR 69.3 million in terms of Gross Added Value to the economy in 2012, and that contribution is expected to grow with the accessibility of quality spatial data.

Bentley Map allowed the agency to manipulate the re-engineered data. Schema were developed to extract Prime2 data from Oracle and encode data in geography markup language (GML). Topology validation tools checked all data changed by the user prior to exporting the data to GML. The changed GML data was then imported back to Prime2. Bentley Map also reduced ongoing database administration overhead as well as potential capital expenditures.
  • Prime2 reengineered 80 million cartographic elements into 50 million real-world objects.
  • OSi expects a three-year ROI based on production efficiencies and resource savings.
  • The Prime2 visionary framework has saved EUR 600,000 in operating costs.
  • Bentley Map reduced administrative overhead and capital expenditures.
User Quote:
  • “Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) has developed a standardized, authoritative digital referencing framework that enables the consistent referencing and integration of national data related to location. Bentley's commitment to providing the tools necessary for 21st century design means that OSi can confidently maintain the integrity of its core data in an efficient manner to meet modern demands.”

    Andy McGill OSi