• Precision Valley Communications

    Utilizing Bentley in the Hottest Spots

    Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Project Summary

A major multiple-system operator (MSO) awarded Precision Valley Communications a fast-track project to design construction work packages for 1,000 Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the greater Boston region within five months.

Working from the MSO’s network map, the company used Bentley Coax and Bentley Fiber to identify antenna locations, route and verify connections, and generate bills of material. Completed Wi-Fi locations were tracked via an internal National Project Tracking Database website, which provided weekly reports to the project team. Precision Valley Communications also provided an on-site project coordinator to verify each installation.

Bentley software enabled Precision Valley Communications to complete approximately 63 hot spots per week for 16 weeks and meet the project deadline. As a result, the company was awarded a contract for 500 more locations.

Without the use of Bentley Coax and Bentley Fiber the time required to complete the project would have doubled. Accurate and accessible data stored in the Bentley Communications architecture enabled designs to begin quickly and confidently. The ability to specify equipment specification standards allowed designs to be completed quickly and consistently.
  • Bentley Coax and Bentley Fiber enabled Precision Valley Communications to complete 63 hot spots a week for 16 straight weeks – half the time it would have taken without the software.